A Miracle Every Day is a daily, personalized email that encourages people in who they are in Christ and that helps them grow in their faith and personally.


“Since subscribing to A Miracle Every Day, I no longer believe that I am undesirable. Now, I declare that I am desired, loved and known by God, and I am a unique vessel in God’s hands! My life has completely changed!”


Main features

  • Personalization
  • Variaty of topics and series
  • Community building
  • Follow-up possibilities


We encourage (new) Christians to strengthen and apply their faith. To remind people that God is a living God. He desires to manifest His presence in the lives of His children.



Editors: managing the email- and survey-system and creating images
Follow-up: answering emails of people

Time and budget

Translating: 1-2 day a week
Editing: 2-4 days a week
Follow-up: 1 day a week

Resources are free.

Costs: own promotion and staff.


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