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The partners are the ones that form, together with the support-team in the Netherlands. Each of these ministries is a ‘local owner’ but works along the same strategy-model. Together, we develop effective online ministry strategies, create innovative tools and equip hundreds of Christian volunteers to engage in meaningful online conversations. The partners join by adopting the vision and values and implementing one or more tools or strategies as part of the movement. And the impact is global!

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Within the movement, we make a distinction between these types of partners:

Strategy partners actively work on implementing or strengthening a new or existing steppingstones strategy in their respective language. They do this by using two or more tools within one or more of the so-called ministry-phases in addition to what they already have in place. Multiple strategy partners can work together to create a national or language strategy.

Tool partners intentionally focus their efforts on using and increasing the impact of one tool of, in addition to their own tools. Ideally, these partners collaborate with others to create a full steppingstones strategy in a particular language or country.

Contributing partners actively contribute their developed resources in terms of people, tools, innovation, funding, marketing or other assets to strengthen the network. Examples are partners that create content for online courses, e-mailseries or social media. These resources are freely shared with other partners within the network.

Collaboration partners work closely together with the support-team in the Netherlands to enhance existing tools or to develop new tools together for reaching specific audiences, projects or languages. This can be done on a project-basis or ongoing basis.